National 4


If you have evaluations and statements/briefs to complete go to NAT 5 evaluations and statements and use the structures there.

If you are taking any of the following courses next term in S4/5/6- 

NPA level 4/5 PHOTOGRAPHY- Make a start on unit 1 (On drop down menu- NPA PHOT- UNITS)

HIGHER PHOTOGRAPHY- Start looking through the booklet and powerpoint in photo resources.  Start working through the tasks on word/powerpoint.

NATIONAL 3/4/5-  Make a start on the Expressive and Design tasks which you can find under NEW (2020-2021) NAT,HIGHER PUPILS IN THE DROP DOWN MENU UNDER SENIOR PHASE.

Even if you are not taking NPA photo but want to complete a unit or two in NPA photo you can.